What is comfort for our “friends”? It’s Brandodesign

The architect Pierangelo Brandolisio brings us to a very particular World: the luxury furniture for pets.Interview with Pierangelo Brandolisio

A friend of men’s best friend: we can describe Pierangelo Brandolisio in this way; the architect, “ dogs and cats’ best friend”, aims to make more comfortable the domestic experience for our pets. Doghouses, supports and cots are designed with an unique taste, which is shown on Brando brand. A technical gaze, like many others successful ideas, which has been linked with the passion for animals.

Where did you started from? What are your inspirations?

“My big mentor was Carlo Scarpa, for his ability in thinking of refined details for his works. I have always appreciated him since I started my academic studies, I graduated in Venice with Arrigo Rudi, who worked with Scarpa for thirty years: thanks to them I improved my research in material’s finishes. I completed my University career in 1998, but at already 21 years old I managed my first work for a private. After that, I opened an architect’s office and I developed the business: the most important work was the requalification of Castello Ceconi, in which I re-designed every single part, illustrating the coexistence of both History and Innovation”. I have also won an important award in France in 2004, “Tropheearchizinc”, for the realization of a public building, meanwhile the following year, in the occasion of the seventh biennial architecture’s exhibition Premio Marcello D’Olivo, I received another important recognition.

From architect up to pets’ kennels producer: tell us about this inclination.

“After twenty years of work, I also cared about giving my contribute to pets’ comfort, realizing designs and techniques that I tested in my professional field. The contacts that I made with people who know and love animals, were constantly an inspiration and helped me to realize ad hoc products with big satisfactions. Seeing a cat sleeping in a cot designed by me is really priceless!

How was “Brando” brand born?

“This start-up comes from an emotion and a feeling: the pet as a real presence. The pet comes with me, on holiday, and everywhere I go: when I’m with my dog, I feel his company. This kind of emotion brought me to imagine and think about objects that could make more comfortable the experience for our “ travel companions”, even in spaces that are normally dedicated to humans. I asked myself: “ What can I do for animals?”. At that point, I found the answer in my office and with my coworkers I designed the first products: today the start-up is more or less one year old and, when we decided the brand’s name, I thought about the nickname that my father’s friends gave to him, “Brando”. It seemed to be a perfect brand for every language and, today, you can find it in every product I make, as it is very easy to recognize and carve”.

A little more than a year old and there are already interesting implications: what are the next developments of Brandodesign?

“I always used to do everything step by step: mine is a young start-up, in a whole year I registered the brand and created about ten unique products. I feel positive about this path, I have some new projects that I will show soon and, as a careful dreamer that I am, I would like to become a mentor in this field. “

It is often said that Italian quality is higher than the others: what are the business choices about the production?

“We are from Friuli, we do everything entirely” Made in Italy “, from sewing to the choice of unique materials. They are handmade products with which we want to make everyone know the craftsmanship of our country: the most beautiful thing is that every single piece has its own shade, in which you can recognize who worked on it; this is the great value that Italians can give to our products. “

Have there ever been any special requests made by your customers, that sounded like a new challenge for the company?

“Building a doghouse based on the animal is a wonderful challenge: we have received several requests for customised products and we are also able to deal with those who want different materials from those we offer. Moreover, we also begun to study a design for bowls, matching with the products we make: a project that I want to develop, maybe we won’t create it immediately, but we’d like to take on this kind of themes. When I finish to design a new product, this represents a part of me: I give a different name to each of my product; but I think the one that most represents my work is the Baco (silkworm) line. I chose this name because I think the silkworm is the highest expression of nature: the animal enters the kennel and it is as if he were in a cradle “.

What if you could design a home environment starting from the animal’s needs and not those of a man?

“This is a wonderful question: I think about my products as if they were little homes. It could be a dream designing a house starting from the animal: in one of the houses that I designed, I was required to find a solution for the cat, In order to let him come in and out on its own, without the presence of the owners. Even animals need a safe place, where they can rest without necessarily remaining on the floor: today, animals and humans are getting closer and closer. People do not want to think about the dog living alone in the garden, they prefer sharing the same spaces with the animal. Dogs and cats changed our lifestyles, they also become references for lonely people. “

Could this start-up become your full-time job in the future?

“Architecture is the art in which I grew up; it would be hard for me to abandon this art in its entirety, because for me it is an incentive which gave me also the opportunity to take care of this new project. I would feel like I’m betraying my roots if I give up on what I’m doing now. “

How important is “being a team” in a company?

“It’s essential! I work in a space of about 250 square meters, where there are both Brandodesign’s administrative office and the architectural office: here, together with my colleagues, I share all my ideas. It is right to share every aspect of your plans because only in this way people who work with you can feel part of the project, and give their best. Now, I’m aiming to sell my products in design shops, both in the region and outside, trying to occupy the most beautiful showcases of Europe: today, my project wasn’t made for selling necessarily, I would like to figure out how far I can get with Brando articles; I would also be willing to new collaborations to make a product in synergy with someone, always by using the teamwork concept.“

Are there any events or expositions you will arrange or participate?

“I’m now organizing a private launch, which will be located in Castello Ceconi thanks to Ferrari Club of Pordenone. We will also be in Pordenone with the event “fotografailtuogatto”. Then, in Longarone, in August, we will participate at a fair dedicated to cats, where it was required our presence. But I have to say that an event that I remember with joy was in Vicenza: I was called because, while I was exposing in Cortina, the fair’s manager saw my products and invited me; right there I saw several cats falling asleep in our kennels; It has been the most gratifying response to the work we do. For who wants to give recognition to his pet, into the whole domestic space, we will find the answer. “

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