Venice Red Carpet Fashion. Interview with Aldona Przylipiak

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Great success for Venice Red Carpet Fashion Event, an High Fashion runway, which was located in Ca’ Vendramin Calergi’s garden, which hosts the Casino of Venice, on Friday 2nd of September 2016.
Also Venice, coinciding with the Venice Film Festival, like the big European and international capitals on their most important cultural event, equips herself of an international event full of charm, luxury and high class, marrying Venice’s magic with the enchantment of femininity, creations, fabrics, jewellery and accessories. Venice didn’t own a prestigious High Fashion runway show yet and now, thanks to this first kind of event, Fashion and Venice perfectly marry together.

Born by the idea of Massimiliano Bergamo and Aldona Przylipiak, model, designer and trend-setter of the sought-after fashion brands in a well-known Milanese show room. We had the occasion to speak with Aldona about this project:

Hi Aldona, could you tell us more about you?

Hi, sure, but I prefer if you call me Aldy, as my friends do. I come from Poland and I live in Italy since more than 10 years, I studied marketing and management in an economics college in Polonia, while here in Italy I attended communications studies at the Padua’s University. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work as a model for many years, both in Poland and in Italy, but also in Europe and America, with many designers and fashion houses more or less important, which certainly helped me to increase my knowledge in this field and also helped me to develop my great passion for fashion and new trends. In my private life, instead, I am a simple person, but complicated at the same time, full of contradictions, sensitive, but strict with myself and with other people, I have big ambitions, my mother taught me that; I am also cheerful but sometimes I get sad, moody and vulnerable, as all people of the Cancer zodiac sign… I am very curious about the World, new experiences, new knowledge. I love nature, travelling, both mountains and seaside. I am passionate, sentimental, “sometimes” messy, so, a living chaos… I like the filmmaking, the photography and most of all fashion meant as arts.

What is Venice Red Carpet Fashion? Where does this idea come from?

Venice Red Carpet Fashion comes from many years of observation and work in both the fashion field and the luxury world: in my case, together with Massimiliano Bergamo, we tried to find a perfect union between my experience in fashion, both as a model and on marketing and production’s side, and his big passion and knowledge of Venice’s culture, his experience in making projects for Italian and foreign excellences and also his expert presence in Public Relation’s field and in events’ organization. We thought “ Why not Venice?” a so beautiful and excellent city, worldwide popular, can open the door to the world of fashion; and the Venice Film Festival is the best event during which we can show you the great international designers and their red-carpet gowns.

You are also an ex-model: how did the transition from model to co- producer of Venice Red Carpet Fashion happen?

You know, many ex-models keep their path into the fashion field, by starting an agency of models or events; I have studied communications and marketing, I worked in fashion for years, since I was a little girl, as my mother is a designer and I have also known a lot of people that today I was able to involve in our project. Maybe, this is a display of one of my biggest passions that I have always had and that I developed during a lot of years

How do you imagine your future? Will you keep being an events creator, or are you thinking about new projects?

I have many projects in my mind, everydayIstartanewone:Iama creative, I never stop taking a some sparks from my trips and from new meetings. But, as there are a lot of ideas, I need to select them and obviously, I also need to be supported from someone, because I can’t achieve on my own what is on my mind. Surely, I will keep organizing events, but, as I am a creative person, I am involved in other projects concerning accessories and clothing. Who knows, maybe it will be launched my own brand, it would be the realization of one of my biggest dreams.

What’s your position in this event?

I am the art director and I manage everything that includes fashion, from choosing and contact the designers, up to the models’ selection, and also I deal with the direction of the event and of the runway show, in addition to the coordination of the backstage. As I am the only co-producer, I take part of the organization from the very beginning, when we develop the whole idea and when the project starts; we decide how and where the event will be located and I handle the contacts with the companies that support us with our adventure. We put all our experience and knowledge in this project, in order to make it better and improve it, also in the future.

Which designers did you host during this first edition?

In our first edition we had the pleasure to host the great Dutch designer Addy Van Den Krommenacker, especially known as the official designer of the Dutch Royal Family and also of a lot of famous people, who showed us his wonderful collection inspired by the artist J. Bosch. Moreover, Daniela Vezza, an Italian designer who creates clothes, fur coats, jewels, introduced us a line of fur coats manually inlaid with floral motif, all Made in Italy handmade. Then, Sen Couture, a line of elegant gowns coming directly from Los Angeles’ red carpet; all the Hollywood star system adore her, as J.Lo, the model Bella Hadid, Toni Braxton, and more… Jean Paul Benielli, straight from Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, came to Venice with his lace and transparent gowns, very feminine, graceful and sexy.It was fantastic the Czech designer Lelkalor, a mix of colors and fabrics, perfect for a ceremony.
Finally, to end in style, it couldn’t miss a Venetian brand: we presented the shoes line Arcosanti, realized by Rubens and Luciano, handmade excellence from the Riviera del Brenta.

Which were the collections that had more success in Venice Red Carpet Fashion’s audience?

The collections were very different from each other and each designer expressed a different concept of woman and her occasions, even if everyone had the same idea of a red carpet woman, beautiful and sexy. For this reason, the audience could find all kind of styles, depending on its taste; it’s hard to tell who had more success.

What’s your relationship with fashion?

I work every day with buyer customers of showrooms, I visit the most beautiful boutiques, looking for the latest products, I collaborate with several companies on their projects or I work for them as a model, and thanks to that, now I am more aware of the fashion world. Mine is a job, a big passion and sometimes it’s fun too: every day you discover new and different things, even an outfit turns into a way of expressing yourself.

What do you think about Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, the location that hosted you?

Ca’ Vendramin Calergi is, first of all, a splendid historical Palace, full of charm, located in the heart of Venice. I just considered it as a Palace of the Venice Casino, but, after Venice Red Carpe,t I revalued it, as it is a fantastic place for events, with great possibilities of both inside and outside celebrations: it owns a garden that fronts onto Grand Canal, a perfectly organized structure and an high quality cuisine.

Will you create other events? Which are your future projects?

Certainly. We had a positive feedback, not only from the audience, but also from the coworkers, the partners and people from fashion and the film industry; some of them discovered us after the event, a lot got interested, others are supporting us, the press keeps writing. We are seriously thinking about organizing other dates, let’s see what the next year is going to bring us.

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