Maserati, a 360 degrees Italian excellence. Interview with Marco Dainese

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Marco Dainese, sales manager for the Corporate Sales’ sector in Italy, lets us enter the World of Maserati.
A brand that, as you pronounce it, is synonymous of excellence: Maserati, a story that lasts a century. That’s not a simple car’s factory, but an actual reality that promotes the “Made In Italy” as one of the worldwide excellence in its field: we had the opportunity to have a chat with Marco Dainese, sales manager for the Corporate Sales’ sector, who told us more about the company.

First of all, Marco, tell us about your professional path.

I’ve been working work for Maserati since two years, but my career began with the world of consultancy services, then three years in KPMG, and continued for ten years in BMW Italy: my role was both of business manager and area manager. I was then called by Maserati precisely to develop the Corporal Sales’ market: it is an area that the company had never experienced before and, since the end of 2013 with the advent of Maserati Ghibli, we started to approach this important market. When I entered the company, in July 2014, I began to study the reference market and I adopted a strategy of inclusion of the company in this new world by showing the product to Italian companies and to the multinationals located in Italy.

What are the types of markets that interest you?

It was important to show our product to different business realities: the long-term rental is an instrument unbelievably used by them, especially on the Italian front; in this way, we were already able to have a strong impression in 2014, improving the total contracts in Italy by about 14%, then increased to 20% the following year. This thanks to our strategy that considers the constant political presence on the territory one of the fundamental pillars to let people know about the product Maserati; in 2016, the percentage keeps growing and, with the release of the new Levante SUV our goal is still growing more and more.

Let’s speak about Levante.

Officially presented in March during the Geneva International Motor Show, now it comes within our showrooms, even if I must say that many customers have already decided to buy blindly this car, thanks to the organization of specific events.

Which are the innovations that characterize Levante?

We are talking about a SUV that is 100% Maserati, therefore with a completely Italian engineering and construction. When we say “DNA Maserati”, we mean that we want to obtain a car that keeps its sport line that characterizes Maserati, blended with a great comfort and a high-level technology. Levante is a city car, but obviously it is also suitable for off-road activities, which are essential for any type of SUV.

Which were the choices, concerning the design?

Our car is a little more than five meters long, but, seen from the outside, it is a combination of design and elegance that hides its actual length; we worked in our Style Centre FCA Group, in which there are some of the most important designers who work today in the cars’ field; all this has made Levante optimally appreciated also from the international automotive critics.

Explain us the choice of the interior.

We created with Ermenegildo Zegna an high-quality interior, made of a silk realized with a patented process from the Zegna Woolen Mill in Trivero: this gives an exclusive approach to the vehicle, allowing customers to 100% customize their own car.

One of your motto is “Maserati: from luxury to design”: the company has more than a century. How can you maintain a so high quality level, both in launching and designing?

The idea of Maserati is not that of producing millions of cars; the production is obviously considerable, but we also have to maintain the exclusivity of our cars’ design together with the customer’s opportunity to customize their own Maserati. Sure, you can purchase a diesel Ghibli that costs seventy thousand euro, which is fully-equipped with leather seats, bi-xenon headlights, automatic drive, etc… but you can also set up a gasoline Ghibli All Wheel Drive that costs a hundred thirty thousand euro where to introduce the Poltrona Frau’s extra-fine leather, the sound system of Bowers & Wilkins, etc..:it is then possible to have a car that accurately reflects the wishes of the customer, in all its smallest details.

Let’s talk about Maserati Experience: how much is important the brand?

It’s essential: we work a lot on the communication of the brand’s value; we always try to take part, on the occasion of the Winter and Summer Tour Maserati, of the most important locations such as Cortina and Courmayeur in winter or such as Porto Cervo and Forte dei Marmi in summer, in order to give the potential costumers the chance to literally touch the quality of Maserati products. Recently, we participated at the Company Car Drive event, which is one of the most important events in the business world, where we gave people the opportunity to try our cars at the racetrack of Monza, together with professional pilots from the Master Maserati School. With this test drive, you can immerse yourself 100% in the Maserati experience.

Your company does not only produce cars, but also proposes courses.

That’s right, we have a school of safe and sporty driving, not only for our customers, but also for those companies that want to organize meetings both purely of work and “formative-recreational.”

What are the future goals of Maserati, considering that you already have a centenary story ?

Our goal today is to keep growing in terms of amount, in both national and international level. The Maserati growth has been incredible in the last years: in 2012 we sold about 6,000 cars, while in 2015 we reached about 32,000 sales. If we want to talk about future goals, I can tell you that we would like to get to sell 70,000 cars Worldwide within 2018.

Are we also talking about a development into new business areas?

Yes, I confirm; we are not only talking about selling cars, but also about building territorial branches: our continuous growth joins the need to give the customer some even closer consultation points.

What is Maserati looking for in a collaboration with other brands and what are its preferences, concerning the various companies?

To make some important examples, I would mention again Ermenegildo Zegna, with whom I realized the high- quality interior, without forgetting Poltrona Frau, which is characterized by its fine manufacturing on the leather we use to make our seats, and other realities with which we collaborate, such as StayGreen concerning the organization of presence’s activities at Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milan. Let’s say that, in general, Maserati is looking for a collaboration with Italian brands because we think it’s important to give value to the “Made in Italy” in its whole.

Which strategy would you adopt, in order to keep growing into the Italian scene?
Without doubt the knowledge of the brand: today, many Italian companies, small or medium, do not know our product, or, I’d rather say, they are almost “frightened” by our brand. However, I want that people know the potential of Maserati and the fact that, by buying a Maserati, they could help the Italian economy. Our task within the corporate sales, is to continue to be present in the events that belong this world and especially let people try our products. Now, with the new Levante, we can also say we have a “triad” of proposals that can satisfy the needs not only professional but also personal of our clients.

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