Brigitte Vincken – GODS & HEROES

Brigitte Vincken – GODS & HEROES

Solo exhibition IMPACT HUB – via Cavana 14, Trieste

Curated by Jonathan Turner and co-produced by genius-online, with patronage from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Rome





Opening: Tuesday January 14, 18.30-20.30
Both the artist and the curator will be present at the opening.
Exhibition dates: January 15 – February 14, 2014. Opening hours from Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 18.30


GODS & HEROES (DEI & EROI) – A solo exhibition of recent photographs in black-and-white and colour by the respected Dutch artist Brigitte Vincken. This is the first solo show by Vincken in northern Italy. Her powerful images of classical Greek and Roman statues are divided into two series. The first series of images have been taken in her studio with living athletes, dancers and models imitating the poses of ancient sculptures. The second series are set in outdoor landscapes, with the priceless statues air-lifted by a helicopter to snowy, alpine settings, as though the 5th Century BC Greek gods have been taken back to Mount Olympus. As well as Vincken’s photographs, the exhibition includes a “making-of” video by Stefano Cigada, documenting the working processes of this unique project.

Brigitte Vincken’s GODS & HEROES combine the natural beauty of anatomical perfection with the refined aesthetics of classical art. There is beauty in the tender gesture of a masculine hand emerging from deep shadows, gently placed on the waist of a sculpture of Apollo, Aphrodite or a fragment of a statue of a satyr. Flesh versus stone. The gym-toned forms of Vincken’s male models mirror age-old poses. Similar to the petulant actions of the gods themselves, there is an element of capriciousness and playfulness to her images.
“I have always had this weakness for male beauty,” admits Vincken. “I am fascinated by the symbolism of power and elegance, and I was interested in changing the mood, to see the statues from another perspective. You need to respect the integrity of the originals, but it was then up to the models to reinterpret the drama. By combining the two worlds, you no longer know whether the male figure is mortal or immortal.”

Based in Milan and Amsterdam, Brigitte Vincken specializes in black and white imagery, digital techniques, male fashion, portraiture and nautical photography. She had taken portraits of the Dalai Lama, Roberto Cavalli, Lucio Dalla, Larry Ellison, Leonardo Ferragamo and Carlo Riva. In the field of fashion, she has produced editorial assignments for Conde’ Nast, Pelican and Hearst. In the 1990s, Vincken attended the Academy of Photography (Fotogram) in Amsterdam, where she studied the theoretical aspects of photography. Her final thesis focused on masculine beauty and the objectification of the male form. Her work is currently on show in Switzerland, at the prestigious Antikenmuseum in Basel, until April 2014.

Australian-born, Rome-based curator Jonathan Turner is an independent art critic who has organized more than 500 solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries around the globe, and has worked with the Venice Biennale, the Biennale of Sydney, Manifesta (Rotterdam, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, San Sebastian, Alto Adige, Murcia, Genk), Tableau (Amsterdam), ARTnews (New York), genius-online (Trieste) and numerous international publications. His previous international project in Trieste was as co-curator with Marco Puntin of the vast exhibition Il Fuoco della Natura (Flash of Nature) held at the ex-Pescheria in 2012.
IMPACT HUB, with its stone walls and huge arch, is an ideal venue for hosting this solo exhibition, the first in a new program promoting international culture and cutting-edge innovation. The exhibition has been generated by Trieste-based online journal genius-online, with its new editorial offices now also hosted in the space.With similar force, Vincken’s work is presented in a dynamic, contemporary manner, aligned to the new generations of culture, architecture, hi-tech, design and business at the heart of

Impact Hub Trieste is the focus of an international network, a space which allows the creation and development of ideas by business professionals, with its access to trustworthy resources, services and expanding partnerships. It provides a habitat for new and future entrepreneurs open to the spirit of collaboration, a space aimed at the promotion of innovation and positive social change at local, national and global levels. Brigitte Vincken’s exhibition echoes the Roman mosaics and marble flagging of the old Roman road in the palazzo and courtyard of IMPACT HUB.

This exhibition is supported with patronage from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Rome.
Sponsored by Ristorante Ai Fiori (Trieste) and Vini Kante (Carso), with additional support from Pertot SRL (Trieste) and Griffe Concept Store (Trieste).