Back-stage – Gods & Heroes

Installing the solo exhibition by Dutch photographer Brigitte Vincken at IMPACT HUB, Trieste, generated by genius-online and with the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Rome.

This exhibition of photographs and videos by Amsterdam-based artist Brigitte Vincken, reveals a new way of cultural collaboration, beyond the traditional gallery/museum context. The artworks are inserted into the everyday working environment at IMPACT HUB, a busy open-plan office teeming with architects, graphic designers, publishers and other cultural professionals. The artworks and the manner in which they have been installed to become an integral part of this hard-working space, helps to create a new dialogue. Vincken’s iconic photographs are no longer seen distant and static, but instead they are seamlessly incorporated into an active urban setting.

This is similar in attitude to the hands-on, affectionate way that Vincken treats the antique Greek and Roman sculptures she transports to alpine landscapes by helicopter. They are hereby presented in a vibrant and contemporary manner. The ancient meets the hi-tech.

The exhibition and how it has been installed reveals a method through which art projects can branch out into new territories. The mountain-rocks and classical statues frozen in Vincken’s imagery visually echo the monumental arched space of IMPACT HUB. Together with genius-online, Vincken’s Gods & Heroes exhibition is part of an ongoing strategy to rethink the normal boundaries of inspiration and communication within a working environment.

Jonathan Turner, curator